A family history

Massimiliano Schiavon was born in Murano on March, 24th 1971
He represents six generations of a Family which had dedicated their lives, energies and passion to the Magic of Glass.
It’s the same curiosity that, when he was a child, put him to know this mysterious material able to change shape and color according to the Master’s will: that same curiosity that, today, makes Massimiliano Schiavon the passionate and creative Master the world knows.

He started working at the family’s Factory, improving, getting better, learning new secrets day by day. What makes him special are the drawing skills together with the knowledge of materials, colors, chemicals and characteristics of different type of glass. All this allows Massimiliano to be able to forge any kind of creation he’s able to imagine.

He’s also familiar with the grinding techniques and almost each piece of art is decorated with precise cuts and engravings.

He specialized in creating artistic items, actually as Unique Piece, coming with a Certificate of Guarantee signed by the Artist and marked 1/1.

Schiavon Furnace, in the 1950s.

A continuous search

Who dares, wins.

Several Art Galleries all over the world have shown a large interest in Massimiliano’s talent and he’s now profitably collaborating with Germany, Russia, United States and Canada. Certainty that “the best publicity is the well-made work”, Massimiliano continued to invent new Collections and together with the Maestri that today work with him, knew to offer always a unique product than is not subjected to competition. His strenght is the hand free work, without any support of mold and thanks to a continuous search for novelty.
A great commendation therefore to Claudio Zama, Giorgio Valentini, Loris Dei Rossi for the fusing and to Wili Bardella and Luca Bardella for the moleria.

his carried to increase their visibility to Europe, to the United States market, to Australia, Canada and Russia. The production of “artistic vases”, today goes at the same pace with the production of chandeliers. These too are recognized like “unique pieces” for color, composition and dimension.
It is this continuous search and desire to realize ideas, that droved Massimiliano to seek a larger location for his business, a place more consistent with him where to develop his Art Team.

The project of re-opening his grandfather’s Factory, closed for more than ten years, was born from a real requirement to expand the actual entrepreneurial activity in a more spacious environment and more consistent with the present productive reality of this young Company which is already establishing its logo in strategic market and internationals Art Galleries.
Always dreaming his own furnace, he never stopped to work on this. Finally, after six years from the rebuilding of his grandfather’s, he finds himself restoring a new empire. Massimiliano in his versatility, is confirming to be able to create certainly from A to Z.
Taking over a space of the Venini company, today he is the owner of an area of ​​3800sqm where spaces alternate indoors and outdoors.This place, as a destiny, has previously belonged to a generation of his family. Once his family produced the spherical glass of the street lamps. Today it is the new property of Massimiliano Schiavon: a surface where his genius will invest new forces and new ideas to be always “one step ahead”. Who dares, wins. And he knows it.

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