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Stop and be amazed: Murano Glass Beyond the Barricades

The exhibition has been extended until Sunday, September 23rd.

The Jersey barriers become glass art works: the works will be exhibited during the international festival “The Venice Glass Week” from 9 to 16 September 2018 at the Bugno Art Gallery in Venice

Massimiliano Schiavon Art Team collaborates for a unique exhibition where the genius of master glassmakers transforms anonymous objects of urban furniture, symbols of the contemporary, in real art works, able to express the communicative power of glass, which becomes fluent, current and evolving material.

Massimiliano Schiavon, together with twelve other local master glassmakers, revisited reality through the propulsive and interpretative strength of glass, transforming jersey barriers, reinforced concrete traffic divisions as a deterrent to terrorist attacks, in works full of meaning , culture and beauty.

The project

Thirteen local glassmakers have collaborated on the project Murano Glass Beyond the Barricade, born from an idea by Luciano Gambaro: Berengo Studio, Costantini Glassbeads, Effetre Murano, Fornace Ferro Murano, Gambaro&Tagliapietra, Laguna B, Massimiliano Schiavon Art Team, Nicola Moretti, Ongaro e Fuga, Seguso Gianni, Simone Cenedese, Tiozzo Sergio, Vetrate Artistiche Murano.

The works will be exhibited in the rooms of the Bugno Art Gallery in Venice (near the Gran Teatro della Fenice) during The Venice Glass Week from 9 to 16 September 2018.

The thirteen works will be exhibited with free admission. The exhibition is part of The Venice Glass Week and aims to lead the spectators’ attention to the importance and vitality of the artistic and creative activity of master glassmakers.

«The goal of the project – Luciano Gambaro explained – is to show the spectators the interpretative ability of glass: its innovative strength to interpret the new contemporary themes in an explosive way. With Murano Glass BTB we lead the Murano glass to face new current themes, we make it a fluent, current and evolving material. Personally I love to define the project as an artistic exercise. With this project once again we want to reiterate what is the great skill of our masters, a challenge that I hope will be considered won “.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a volume of photographs with the preface by Professor Jean Blancheat, the online version is visible at this link.

The opening night of the Murano Glass Beyond The Barricades exhibition will be held on Monday 10 September 2018 at the same location.

Our work: LIFE

Beauty can be as strong as concrete. In that jersey there are a lot of glass forming techniques: murrine, zanfirico, watermarks, blown and solid glass. The baroque explosion of flowers is the answer to the bombs.

LIFE was born with the purpose of showing how beauty can have, in this case, the same strength of cement. Stop, but just to be amazed. The work contains all the techniques of the Massimiliano Schiavon Art Team: the precious composition of murrines, zanfirico glass and filigrana previously made, for the fusion of colored flowers. A specific work of Massimiliano. The arms, made of blown glass, are attached to the flower during the melting phase. The blowing makes therefore possible the interior lighting of each element. The leaves are instead made in solid glass, each one different in shape and size. Each element contains the particularity of that millennial tradition that today is re-proposed in a modern way. Unique and unrepeatable: it is the characteristic of every creation of Massimiliano Schiavon Art Team. Flowers and leaves are supported by a metal frame attached to the wooden jersey. Its partial lighting makes it even more useful and precious.


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