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Handmade glass melting

More and more… RiciclArte! Here’s how creative recycling can be the real opportunity

Creative recycling allows us to give new life to unused materials by reducing the amount of waste and creating new artistic works.
It is a point of contact between art and the desire of each of us to try to do something new and useful, for this creative recycling can be a real opportunity not only for saving but also as an opportunity to explore new horizons of creativity and imagination.

In our Black & White store there is a small corner dedicated entirely to the Recycling collection.

The master of creative recycling is: Gianni Colombo!
Born in Venice in 1970, at the age of 15 he began working as a mosaic installer of marble fragments and stones in the world of the creation of “Venetian floors”.
Then he worked as a marble turner in a laboratory of artisan in his city, thus learning the various processing techniques such as polishing, sanding and bush hammering, already being able to express his creative skills with Murano glass, where he finds the ideal interpretation for his work, and it is here that Gianni also refines the technique of fusion glass, thanks to which he creates, following his creative skills and his immense passion, unique pieces.
Turning point comes with Massimiliano, who with his philosophy that pushes the Art Team to believe in innovation and constant ‘work in progress’, today Gianni experiments with new techniques for the ration of polychromatic and multi-material pieces of art (wood-marble-glass). His experience is as remarkable as his passion for this work and love for his city, which push him to make each piece unique and with a story to tell.